Work in Devotion to My Fur-Baby

Extend the Gift of Wellness to Your Pets

Reiki is a Japanese alternative energy-healing technique that facilitates healing on all levels for all beings, including our family pets. As a non-invasive therapy, it works in combination with conventional veterinary medicine and holistic medicine.  Whether your fur-baby is challenged by a physical, mental or emotional condition, Reiki can help! 

Animals are very sensitive to energy; sometimes during a session, they prefer a little distance, due to their sensitivity or depending on their individual needs.  Fur-babies are naturally drawn to Reiki and it is generally well-received.

Reiki helps with:

  • traumas 
  • pain relief 
  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • seizures
  • behavioral issues
  • depression/anxiety
  • old age related issues
  • chemo side effects
  • pre & post surgery support 

I'm incredibly grateful I had begun my practice of Reiki during Prinze's (my fur-baby) end-of-life stages.  At the age of eighteen, Prinze was diagnosed with a cancerous head tumor, which caused him to have seizures.  He began showing signs of arthritic pain on his hips and back legs.  The veterinary advised he was too old to have the tumor surgically removed; the only available treatment was to administer steroids.  I was assured by more than one veterinary, the medication was likely to accelerate his deterioration.  I chose to treat Prinze with alternative methods, Reiki being one of them, along with organic foods, supplements, superfoods and a tremendous amount of love. 

I witnessed what I would consider to be miracles, as Prinze exhibited agility and strength after each Reiki session.  Caring for him with a combination of Reiki sessions, nourishment and therapeutic treatments, he gained a healthy appetite; he had the ability to stand and lay down, showing no signs of arthritic pain.  His mind was sharp. I witnessed he quickly recovered well after having two seizures.  Prinze lived six months short of his twentieth birthday.  Many can testify that he lived a quality rest of his life.  I have no regrets in the love and care I provided my fur-baby with.

Open yourself up to explore the endless possibilities on how Reiki can support and aid your fur-babies.

I offer in person or remote Reiki healing for all fur-babies, contact me for details and additional information.

New to Reiki?  Inquire about special pricing for first time clients!

Prinze's 18th Birthday sitting proud looking like a young pup.

Prinze's 18th Birthday sitting proud looking like a young pup.

Reiki from a Distance

What is Remote Healing?

We are all vibrational beings that transmit a signal, all walks of life do, including our family pets.  Remote Healing is receiving Reiki energy from a distance.  Yes, it really works!  Your fur-baby can receive Reiki from wherever he/she is.

During their Reiki therapy, you're only required to ensure they're in a calm environment.  I will channel Reiki into his/her energy field, connect and transmit the healing energy onto them.  If you have more then one pet, they naturally will also receive the benefits of Reiki.

To personally channel his/her energy field, I request that you provide me with either a current photograph of your fur-baby or his/her full birth name, date of birth and location.  Please provide the concerns and/or challenges they are currently struggling with.  This information may be sent via email.


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Voluntary Services

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