Hello, I'm Eugenia.

Welcome to Embody CORE Healing!  There are no coincidences in this universe.  What changes are you ready for?  Follow your instinct and dare to explore the possibilities. Let's begin.  


About ECH



Embody CORE Healing exist to support your right to be informed of the truth behind your mind & body's natural ability to heal itself, given what it needs to thrive.


Health & Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner

My dedication is to teach and support you, as you commit to achieve your goals, enrich your life, the lives of your family and fur-babies.  I have 20 years of experience to facilitate your healing journey at the highest level.  

  • Heal from the inside out
  • Renew your sense of self
  • Expand your levels of perception
  • Enhance your spirituality & intuition

Look through a lens of gratitude.  What's your view like?

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Your Process & Supportive Journey

Embody CORE Healing is about getting to the core of your struggles - the why.  You will be heard, and an action-oriented   step-by-step plan will be created specifically for you.

  • Find resolution
  • Keep it moving 
  • Access universal wisdom
  • Laugh through the shit storms

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