Reiki Therapy

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese alternative energy-healing technique that facilitates healing on all levels of ones being, Reiki is a natural way to alleviate chronic pain.  It can help prepare the mind and body, even pre-and post surgery, quickening the healing process.  Reiki is known to reduce side effects, including those of chemotherapy and radiation. 

After a session of Reiki you will feel relaxed, rested and at ease.  If you suffer from depression, anxiety, stress or physical ailments, Reiki can help!  

Who Benefits from Reiki?

Reiki is beneficial to people from all walks of life, especially those who suffer from physical and/or emotional pain, stress, depression and anxiety.  It is ideal to decompress from stress, restore balance, replenish one’s energy and feel rejuvenated.

To illustrate an example from my life, my Grandmother struggled with Dementia, Alzheimer's, and diabetes.  Her mood swings were at times very drastic.  Reiki calmed her spirit and gave her peace.  Frequently there were times she had loss of appetite, was unable to hold a utensil, or even a styrofoam cup.  Shortly, after a Reiki session she was vibrant, alert and capable of feeding herself.   Her transformation was immediate and for my family that felt like a victory.  Those who are elderly, in hospice, or nursing care, can benefit from Reiki tremendously!  Also from my experience, when the time comes, Reiki can provide a peaceful transition into the afterlife and assist those grieving, as it can greatly aid with one's emotional well being.   

Reiki helps:

  • loosen muscle tension 
  • stimulate circulation
  • soothe the nervous system
  • increase range of motion in arthritic or stiff joints
  • improve coordination to avoid injuries
  • ease breathing 
  • obtain clarity
  • release traumas

*** Hospice Visits (free):  Providing comfort and quality care is what we all yearn and strive to give to our loved ones as they are transitioning from this life.  It has been and continues to be an honor to be present and of service during this time.  Reiki can help to alleviate pain, regulate breathing, and can create a sense of ease and tranquility during this process.  These visits are a service I choose to give to the receiver and family as a gift.  I thank you for allowing me to be of service.

What to Expect?

During a Reiki session, you will first lie on a massage table, fully clothed, shoes off.  As the Reiki Practitioner, I will softly lay my hands on different parts of your body in a non-invasive way to transmit healing energy onto you.  The targeted areas are your chakras, meridians, acupressure points, joints and limbs.  No Reiki session is the same.  During treatment you may experience a focused warm energy or tingly sensations.  You might feel a shift in energy.  It is likely that you could feel relaxed throughout your body, or even fall asleep.  If so, that is ok.   

A first Reiki session may last 60, or 90 minutes. The length of treatment (number of sessions) depends on the core cause of the problem, the amount of energy and frequency needed to restore balance within the body.  For those who are wanting to experience Reiki, to restore overall balance, a minimum series of four Reiki sessions is highly recommended.  You will feel the immediate healing effects of Reiki even after the first treatment.

***New to Reiki?  Inquire about special pricing for first time clients!

What is Remote Healing?

We are vibrational beings that transmit a signal.  You are a source of energy that can be tapped into, just like you can tap into bountiful universal energy.  Remote Healing is receiving Reiki energy from a distance.  Yes, it really works!  You can receive Reiki from wherever you are in this world.  

Once you agree to receive Reiki energy, as your Reiki Practitioner, I channel pure Reiki energy directly to your energy field and transmit the healing energy onto you. Reiki can also assist with helping you through a questionable or stressful situation.  The energy will be focused on the set of events or circumstances.

What's expected from you on the day of your appointment:

  1. a genuine willingness to receive the healing energy Reiki offers
  2. find a quiet space where you can comfortably rest your eyes and relax without interruption

If during your session you fall asleep, it's OK!  You will absolutely benefit from your session.

To personally channel your energy field, I request that you provide me with either a current photograph of you or your full birth name, date of birth and location via email.  

The Principles of Reiki

Just for today, I release angry thoughts and feelings. Just for today, I release thoughts of worry. Just for today, I'm grateful for my many blessings. Just for today, I practice expanding my consciousness. Just for today, I'm gentle with all beings including myself.