Working Together

Health & Life Coaching Services

One-on-One Health & Life Coaching.   Holistic Health & Life Coaching that will address you as a whole, create awareness through thought provoking conversation and the guidance to develop enjoyable sustainable changes.  Coaching is for someone ready to achieve change in a shorter period of time, by investing in effective guidance and support.  Are you ready to show up for yourself to achieve your highest potential?  Your journey is unique and I will give you the tools to navigate through it at your pace and your timing.  Our goals are to  discover what led you to an undesirable state of health and what keeps you from attaining your desired results.  It’s about YOU creating boundaries, living your badass life, deciding yes or no and when, where and why.  

During our sessions, you are openly encouraged to unapologetically and genuinely be yourself.  I hold a confidential safe space for you to express your thoughts and feelings, no judgment.  You'll always receive the compassion necessary to comfort you through the hard lessons.  But, you'll absolutely be held accountable and responsible for the commitments you made, to achieve your health & lifestyle ambitions.

Working together means targeting and exploring all aspects of your being:

  • Self Care
  • Grief/Loss
  • Stresses
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Health & Nutrition 
  • Increase Energy 
  • Career Goals
  • Self-Awareness
  • Enriching Intimacy
  • Major Life Changes
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Nurturing Relationships  
  • Build Genuine Connections
  • Enrich your Social Life

Depending on your needs and health goals, generally a minimum of 6-12 sessions are recommended for achievable sustainable results.  I offer weekly coaching support tailored to your needs.  

Get the help you need.  Life is challenging and WE ALL need the encouragement and support to keep pushing forward.

Health Programs.  Specialized three or six month health & wellness program packages are offered.  These programs entail:  holistic healing modalities designed for your needs, bi-weekly one hour phone sessions, email support and educational resources. These coaching programs have been specifically designed to provide you with the resources to: 

  • enjoy life
  • save time and money
  • feel lighter & look younger
  • reduce physical & emotional weight
  • create & strengthen loving relationships  
  • reduce stress and produce energy

Please inquire for rates and details.

I provide coaching in both english and spanish.

Be Curious

An initial 50-minute phone consultation will allow us to make an assessment of where you are and set focus on where/who you want to be.  Let's see if we're a potential dynamic duo!   

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My Approach

NO Time for BS

We will get real about what truly matters to you, to create enticing CHANGE

Purposeful Guidance

We will find your hidden TREASURES by creating a road map with a guided tour, from the depths of your mind right to the doorway of your heart

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Experience Breakthroughs

We will use TOOLS to bulldoze right through the thoughts & feelings that may create imbalance in your life 

What's Your Coaching Style Like?

My job is not to fix you, there is no fixing you.  I'm here to evoke a new way of thinking, by stripping away the limitations you've allowed to be placed upon you, by you and by others.  My role is to support you while you shift your perception of yourself and of others; I'm here to tell you what you need to hear, not what your ego prefers. Because, your time and mine is appreciated and valued.   Honest, straight forward and to the point, is a mighty refreshing exchange with another.

Working together is a soul fed partnership and a personal experience.  Why?  Because it's personal.  If you're looking to partner up with someone who really cares (may use profanity to make a point), has a pretty great sense of humor and will be devoted to supporting your personal growth, I’m all in!

Our lifetime is a blink of an eye's time, enjoy it - guilt free.  Explore what is challenging, exciting and adventurous to you.  Commit to making your needs matter and catered to.  Thrive because you deserve to.  You'll learn from someone who has with dedication learned, experienced, failed at, made mistakes, learnt some more, conquered over many challenges, continuously grows and teaches how to heal all aspects of your being.  Let's work together, take me along your personal journey!

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Despite what you have been programmed to believe, many “dis–eases” and ailments are reversible.  All you need is the knowledge to cure them, unwavering faith and the discipline and commitment to attend to it.

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Client Types: Entrepreneurs & Boss Like Mentalities

Do You Connect With Any of This?

Have you had an epiphany about your life as it is now?  Does any of this resonate with you:

  • “Oh SHIT, I’m SO over this!..."   I’m over this unfulfilling career; or debilitating co-dependent relationship(s); or “friends” that are really haters instead of supporters; or the drinking/drugs/eating that is undeniably aging me and causing me to have health issues; or …”
  • need a boost to get out of a rut
  • want to recreate the best version of you
  • need to learn structure and organization
  • want to feel connected to your core beliefs 
  • want to be motivated by experiencing results
  • desire to feel wanted, attractive, healthy & loved
  • want to STOP feeling tired about feeling sick and tired
  • want to stop compromising on doing the things you love 
  • need to be held accountable to quickly achieve goals
  • want to learn how to slow down, relax & manage stress
  • want to learn how to gain clarity of your priorities & take action
  • want to create healthy boundaries & be assertive when necessary
  • want to successfully accomplish goals with purpose and direction
  • want to be a successful entrepreneur without neglecting your health
  • want to know how to eliminate toxic situations and relationships
  • need support during a time of great loss and personal transitions

WHEN, if not now?  Do you MATTER?

Make sense of your life!

Make sense of your life!